Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking Back (2012 in Review)

Looking Back at 2012 Achievements for
Mis Tribus and Kevin Shockey
My primary home page has been broken since 2011.  All my old stuff is still there, but I just can't post any new blog updates. It's a PHP and MySQL thing. :-/ I have to upgrade everything and see if I can get her back up.  Until then, I've started this subdomain.  I also want to consolidate all my web efforts under Mis Tribus.  So in order to tell Mis Tribus' story, I have to tell Kevin Shockey's story first.

I've been studying transmedia almost full-time since 2006.  I've achieved some level of success and my own share of failures.  Most importantly though, I've been unsuccessful in convincing people of the value of transmedia's value.  What I've been unable to demonstrate clearly enough (I guess), is that machine intelligence is required to maximize the value of any social network.

I've said it before, but never forget, Metcalfe's Law clearly proves it, the owner of the largest social network wins.  Some have mistakenly taken that to mean that you should do anything to grow your networks, I am not.  I am not implying that spam is a valid technique to grow your network, but just look at the leader boards on Twitter and tell me I'm wrong.


Before I get caught up in my current thinking and projects, I wanted to go over the highlights (and low lights) of 2012.  I must confess, that I had a very large agenda for 2012. Most of it I never even came close to approaching with real work. However, I did receive some recognition for what I've been working on.  In addition, I believe that I generated a lot of work and made significant progress.

Really, the advancement of support for Mis Tribus' mission in 2012 was wide spread and regularly successful.  Some of the highlights of 2012 would definitely include receiving an Internet Society Community Grant for organizing the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (more on that soon) and speaking at OSCON 2012.

As I mentioned, I was also able to teach a tutorial at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference.  As a member of the organizing committee, I was affirmed by my peers that I was making a positive contribution to the area of organizational building for open source software.

Part of their support was a live interview from the conference with Mac Slocum on the O'Reilly Media Youtube channel.  I was a little nervous, but Mac was great.  He really helped me through it, and I think I made a good case for my research on non profit funding.

Failure as Test Results

Sometimes, failure can give us just the right feedback to hone a clear message.  The Internet Society's  (ISOC) direct critique and my participation on their online web chats were instrumental in deciding to form  prPIG.  I was not approved for the project I submitted for the Spring 2012 call for proposal (CFP) from the ISOC, but prPIG was approved in the Fall 2012 Community Grant CFP. I feel blessed to have 50% ROI is truly incredible.

Frankly it still boggles my mind that none of Puerto Rico's most successful IT companies have given anything back to the IT community that serves them. They've done nothing to organize and grow their base.  As I've written extensively on Dondequiera, Puerto Rico is dominated by a zero-sum mentality.

I also submitted to drawings into a for call for art from US veterans.  The art was intended for exhibition at the Pentagon, an activity lead the Veterans Artist Program, a non-profit company dedicated to advancing the use of art as a therapeutic tool for combat veterans reintegrating back into society and transitioning back into civilian life.  I was "regretfully informed" that I didn't make the cut. :-(

Perhaps the biggest game changer I've ever encountered, I first learned from Anthony Robbins.  In one of his products he mentions that you never fail.  Even if the result was not the one you expected or prayed for, you always get a result.  And with what we know know about process driven testing, life begins to make much more sense; especially an entrepreneurial life!

Personal Health

With regards to my health, 2012 was a trying time. I had two trips to the VA Emergency Room, one which resulted in my hospitalization.  While those were some of the most painful and lowest moments of 2012, in the end though, I still consider my life blessed with abundance.  I thank everyone who has ever helped me in anyway, your friendship, love, and support are like mana from heaven.

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