Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking Forward: 2013 Goals

Alrighty Then! What's it going to be Lord?
Mis Tribus' plans.

Before I could plan the rest of 2013, I had to hear back from the Vasarely Foundation. Unfortunately is was another "we regret to have to inform you.." notifications. It looks like breaking into the art world from a computer science background is harder than I expected. I'm now 0-2, in art competitions. One area I know that I'm weak in is my art portfolio. I've got to create a better portfolio.

Otherwise, with the loss of the Vasarely Prize, the Internet Society Community Grant and organizing the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (prPIG), is Mis Tribus' only obligation. I had big dreams for 2013, but on the other hand, this now opens up a window, where I can choose my own goals. While that sounds great, anyone who's been self-employed knows, that choosing how to spend your down time can be challenging.

2013 Goals

  1. Organize prPIG: Obviously, getting things rolling for prPIG is priority number one.  We've already made a good start.  Over the past few days I've gotten most of the web infrastructure online.  Some of might evolve over the course of the project, but for the most part, we're set.  You can find the latest on prPIG on the official "Puerto Rico Python Interest Group" homepage.
  2. Build Artistic Portfolio:  This is where I may end up spending most of my time this year.  I've got such a backlog of art that it will be a huge task of getting it organized and cataloged.  Part of that process may also include setting up a online store.  The more daunting task, however, is building my artistic credibility.  I've got to remain vigilant for exhibition opportunities and continue to participate in competitions.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice:  Two skills I want to improve on in 2013 are digital video production and programming in Python.  As with any skill, each of these skills requires many hours behind a screen doing, whether it is coding or video editing, each will require supreme discipline to make progress.
  4. Create, Produce, Ship, and Engage:  I have two projects that are waiting in the wings to finish, Guagua Publica and Financing Freedom. In each of these projects I've already done huge amounts of research and investigation, and all that is left to be done is produce the "final" products and ship them.  It's crazy, I switched from programming to publishing only to find out that they require almost the exact same methodologies.  To steal an idiom from sales, Mis Tribus' motto is "Always be Shipping!"

    Who knows whether I'll be able to muster the passion and commitment to ship either of those projects.  I've got a couple of irons in the fire, which, if any of them become reality, they will certainly shape the rest of 2013.
Lastly, I'm constantly on the hunt for new funding opportunities.  I shipped five (5) proposals in 2012, so I hope to keep up the passion and productivity levels.